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Endobiogenic Medicine for Women

We treat all types of medical conditions, including conditions which are either specific to women or have particularities about the disease that are specific to women. At the Linné Institute, we don't just think about the "disease" part of you, but all of what make you YOU.  Through whole-body balancing, we treat  menstrual disorders, sexual dysfunction, infertility, migraine headaches, chronic pelvic pain, pregnancy support, depression (including postpartum), “brain fog,” abdominal pain/digestive issues, irritability, cancer support, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, symptoms of “burn-out," and recovery from COVID and other illnesses.  

What to Expect in the First Consultation:

  1. Empathy: Dr. Johnson approaches each consultation compassionately, with authentic non-judgement and acceptance. 

  2. Clarity:  Dr. Johnson will begin asking further questions about your health and clarify with you, in a more precise way, what success looks like to you.  

  3. Education:  Your visit with Dr. Johnson is an opportunity to learn.  There is ample time provided for teaching.  This is your opportunity to receive a detailed explanation  of how your particular biology looks and how that is expressed in your life lived everyday.  You will learn how your bloodwork represents your unique physical, emotional, and psychological tendencies.  

  4. Holistic Planning: A holistic treatment plan is discussed and created.  This will include custom medicinal plants compounded for your specific needs. If appropriate, prescription medications may be prescribed, weaned, or adjusted. Nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations are outlined.  

  5. Detailed Attention: Dr. Johnson will follow up with a detailed email giving you a clear summary of the treatment plan so that you know what to do moving forward. Any necessary plant medications are compounded and shipped to your address.  

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