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The Linné Institute of Medicine

The mission of The Linné Institute of Medicine is to restore resiliency, adaptability and fortitude in all areas intrinsic to our humanity: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This means giving patients the tools they need take control of their own health and to ultimately NOT need our services as often. We work to improve health fundamentally, NOT simply giving therapies to suppress symptoms of disease. 


Our goal is to increase your capacity so that you become LESS needy on expert medical care, not more. RESILIENT, NOT RELIANT.


Dr. Adam Johnson, MD


Dr. Adam Johnson, MD is a board certified emergency physician who is also trained and certified in endobiogenic medicine. He is the protégé of Dr. Kamyar Hedayat, MD, global leader in research and training in Endobiogeny.

Dr. Johnson lives and works in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His career began in emergency medicine because he wanted to take care of patients when they were most vulnerable. After 18 years of working in the emergency department, he decided he needed to dedicate his attention to helping those who are not being sufficiently helped by the standard medical approach. He has now focused his medical practice entirely on endobiogenic medical evaluations. 

While working demanding shifts in the emergency department both day and night, Dr. Johnson came face-to-face with his own vulnerabilities. Long hours, night shift work and relentless stress eroded his physiologic capacity until symptoms of anxiety, depression and burn-out set in. Conventional medical approaches had no solutions for improving resiliency. Integrative medicine approaches only offered the allure of testosterone replacement therapy and an expensive pile of supplements with no understanding for how his global physiology was imbalanced or how to restore his capacity naturally. After years of diligently searching for a more fundamentally sound way to practice medicine, Dr. Johnson found what he was searching for in endobiogenic medicine. It was through Endobiogeny and the rational application of medicinal plants that Dr. Johnson was able to restore his capacity and continue his career in emergency medicine. He has immersed himself in the study and practice of endobiogenic medicine ever since. 

As a seasoned emergency physician of over 15 years, Dr. Johnson has both breadth and depth of experience in caring for children and adults with all types of medical conditions. He carries this acumen into his practice of Endobiogeny. He recognizes that there are times in life (hopefully few) when a patient really needs the expertise of a skilled emergency physician. But he also recognizes that there are deeper needs that are simply out of reach of the classical medical approach. In the raw humanity that can only be found in the emergency department, Dr. Johnson came to realize that death is not always the enemy we think it is; the real enemy is not living a meaningful life to your fullest and highest potential. To restore patients to a more profound level of health in mind and body, Dr. Johnson offers expertise through the practice of endobiogenic medicine, with the hopes that this will help empower people to live more meaningful lives. 

Dr. Johnson has had a life-long interest in botany and medicinal plants. As a youngster, he learned the names of many of the native plants in his local mountains and would forage for nettles and other wild plants with medicinal value. Prior to attending medical school, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and literature. Philosophy and literature cultivated his ability to see things in their wholeness and interconnection while simultaneously paying attention to the particulars. Endobiogeny allows Dr. Johnson to return to his passion for botany and philosophy all while practicing medicine on a deeper level and helping others return to a state of flourishing. 


While not practicing medicine, Dr. Johnson enjoys the outdoors with his wife and their four children. True to his Scandinavian roots, he enjoys flow states while moving swiftly through the forest on skinny skis, swimming in icy lakes, thawing out in traditional saunas, and splitting and neatly stacking firewood. He loves playing classical music on the piano and cheering on his teenagers at cross-country ski and mountain bike races.

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