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Holistic Health Plans

What you are getting when you become patient at The Linné Institute of Medicine is a physician who will think about you harder than any other physician possibly could (or would). For every hour spent face-to-face with a patient, Dr. Johnson spends several additional hours before and after each visit studying YOU!

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What sets an evaluation with Dr. Johnson apart from other medical specialists is that he studies you using mathematical modeling data derived from the results of your blood tests. Mathematical modeling data is an extremely powerful tool, but it is also exceptionally challenging data to interpret correctly and it requires specialty training. As a medical doctor, Dr. Johnson can prescribe treatments (including prescription drugs) that follow the “standard-of-care” informed by the modeling data. However, Dr. Johnson is most often able to help where other physicians cannot through prescribing customized combinations of medicinal plants and fungi (selected based on your modeling data), together with lifestyle and dietary recommendations.

When you become a patient, you can have a consultation only (plus follow up visits as needed), or you can enroll in a membership plan. While there can be advantages to enrolling in one of our membership plans, the membership structure may not be a good fit for some patients. Memberships include the price of lab tests and follow up visits, and are helpful for people who want to better predict the monthly price of their care, as it effectively spreads the cost of your care over the course of a year as a monthly payment with no interest.

However, the membership model may not be right for everyone. Some people may need more (or less) frequent follow up than what is built into a membership. Others may want to use private insurance to cover the cost of lab testing. In these situations, we offer a “consultation only” option. The price of a consultation is $500/hour, and the first consultation is required to be 2 hours. Considering that Dr. Johnson only bills for face-to-face time and not for the many hours spent before and after each visit studying you, this is an extremely economical price for what you get.  Subsequent consultations can range from 30-60 minutes and can occur on an “as needed” basis.  The price of lab testing is NOT included with this option.  


After your initial consultation, if you choose to enroll in one of our memberships within 60 days, the fees of your first consultation will be applied to your membership. 

Choose the Right Membership for You

Medical Consultations: $500 per hour

Included Labs
Scheduling Priority
Responsiveness from Physician
Valid for
$400 / mo.
Initial 2 hour consultation with physician
4 x 1 hour visits per year
4 standard endobiogenic lab panels
For those who have multiple health concerns
12 months
$500 / mo.
Initial 2 hour consultation with physician
5 x 1 hour visits per year
5 endobiogenic lab panels
Highest priority
Highest tier membership plan
12 months
$180 / mo.
4 x 30 minute consultations per year
2 standard endobiogenic lab panels
ONLY for currently enrolled patients
12 months


Dr. Johnson offered an entirely new approach to addressing my health and wellbeing. While many of his botanical interventions were new to my traditional medicine background, his explanation of the action and intention of each suggestion was clear, extensively researched, and focused on the nuances of my system as a whole.

I used to need an albuterol inhaler before high intensity intervals and before races, but now I don’t. My seasonal allergies (which used to be so bad that I needed allergy shots) are now so minimal that I don’t take any allergy medications at all.

I have never felt so cared for, or such compassion, from a doctor in my life. Dr. Johnson’s deliberateness and investment in my overall health has been profound.

I became increasingly unfamiliar to myself, with mounting anxiety, irritability, brain fog, and growing isolation. Dr. Johnson offered an entirely new approach to addressing my health and wellbeing.

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"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind."

- Paracelsus

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