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What is endobiogenic medicine?

Endobiogeny is a medical approach that  blends physiology, mathematics, botany, and philosophy to both understand and heal the whole person


Your body is complex, intelligent, and adaptable. Plants and fungi are complex, intelligent, and adaptable. We use the technology perfected by nature to heal you.


We match our treatments NOT just to your symptoms, but to your unique physiology that is giving rise to your symptoms.

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An Intelligent Balance

Deep Medicine

Struggling with physical or mental illness that eludes both conventional and alternative medical explanations or treatments?

We use mathematical modeling to help understand your illness,
and we use nature to help you heal.


Plant Based Therapies

Custom-made, in-house blends of various medicinal plants and fungi to best match you and your physiology in particular. These treatments address most of the fundamental imbalances at the physical, mental and emotional levels.


Nutritional Guidance

Diet isn’t just about what and how much we consume. It is also about how you consume, when you consume and why you consume certain foods. At The Linné Institute of Medicine, we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-most” approach to anything—even diet. We believe all diets have merit and value but only when applied to the right physiology.

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Prescription Medications

When necessary, pharmaceuticals are used, but at the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration possible in order to quickly stabilize with minimal side effects. When appropriate, we also wean from prescription medications when your body becomes better regulated. 


Lifestyle Recommendations

We will guide you toward what lifestyle practices are the highest priority for you at different stages of your healing, be it exercise, sleep hygiene, breath work, sauna, journaling, rhythmic living, etc. 

A Unique & Scientific Approach

Meet Dr. Adam Johnson & learn about the process, from consultation through treatment

Who is it for?

If you have struggled to manage and balance your health, or have chased elusive medical conditions with treatments that have underperformed, the Linné Institute brings a new approach and whole-health solutions.

Understanding You

Bespoke medical care tailored to your unique physiology, not just your symptoms.

Build Resilience

Restore your capacity, increase your fortitude, become better equipped to deal with stress.

Confidence for your Future

Experience a sound mind in a sound body through improved adaptability.

Customized Medicine

Natural therapies and plant-based medicine customized to you using mathematical modeling.

We’re here for your journey, because your health isn’t “set it and forget it.” 

We offer a membership model for patients seeking solutions to multiple health concerns. This allows us to partner with our clients for the journey, establishing a deep holistic understanding of health and lifestyle, and allowing a constant solution-oriented tailoring of our whole-health prescription.


Dr. Johnson offered an entirely new approach to addressing my health and wellbeing. While many of his botanical interventions were new to my traditional medicine background, his explanation of the action and intention of each suggestion was clear, extensively researched, and focused on the nuances of my system as a whole.

I used to need an albuterol inhaler before high intensity intervals and before races, but now I don’t. My seasonal allergies (which used to be so bad that I needed allergy shots) are now so minimal that I don’t take any allergy medications at all.

I have never felt so cared for, or such compassion, from a doctor in my life. Dr. Johnson’s deliberateness and investment in my overall health has been profound.

I became increasingly unfamiliar to myself, with mounting anxiety, irritability, brain fog, and growing isolation. Dr. Johnson offered an entirely new approach to addressing my health and wellbeing.

Meet Dr. Adam Johnson, MD

Dr. Adam Johnson, MD is a board certified emergency physician who is also trained and certified in endobiogenic medicine. He is the protégé of Dr. Kamyar Hedayat, MD, global leader in research and training in Endobiogeny.


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